Amplifi is an artist-based subscription service that helps artists build sustainable careers while rewarding fans with exclusive music, videos, updates & more.

We hear every day how tough it is for musicians today.  Streaming royalty rates.  The costs of touring.  Managing health care as an independent artist.  The list goes on and it ain’t pretty.  That’s why we created Amplifi.  Amplifi provides a new way for you to support and engage with some of your favorite artists.

Think of Amplifi as the old-school fan club transformed for the digital age.  You subscribe to the participating artists that you love.  You get access to exclusive music and insights into their creative process.  Best of all, you get the satisfaction that you are supporting these individual artists and helping them to continue creating a lifetime of music.

You’ll find some amazing content on the various Amplifi artist channels.  Music-wise, participating artists have shared demos, outtakes, live tracks and new unreleased songs.  You can sample some of this music by visiting each artist’s Amplifi channel.

You’ll also find lots of pictures and stories that give you an insiders look at the artist’s career and how they work.   You can even pose that question that has long piqued your curiousity.

Ready to get started?  Explore the artists on Amplifi and sign up to receive periodic updates on new artists and content.

Are you an artist interested in launching your own Amplifi channel?  Shoot us a note and let’s talk.